How does Silver Pines Rabbitry treat their rabbits?



How does Silver Pines Rabbitry treat their rabbits?

SIlver Pines Rabbitry practices healthy and humane treatment of our bunnies as THE top priority. My female rabbits are limited to between 2-3 litters per year MAXIMUM. I will NOT over-breed my girls. Their good health and physical condition is my priority. These ladies are my pets and I treat them with love and respect. All of my rabbits are given toys and enrichment items in their personal cages and are given playtime to run and stretch their legs. Exercise is beneficial for their physical and MENTAL well-being.

All babies are hand-raised by me personally. From the day they are born, I pick them up, cuddle with them when they are older, I carry them around with me, hand feed them, and show them love and attention. I believe this is why my rabbits are so affectionate.

All of my rabbits are fed organically grown vegetables and greens or wild foraged plant matter that I personally grow or collect for them. I have a huge garden dedicated almost exclusively to bunny safe plants for this purpose. I also feed them a high quality FRESH hay and pellets as well as my own specially formulated Silver Pines Supplement to keep them in prime health and beautiful coat condition.


So.... How do I buy a rabbit?


So.... How do I buy a rabbit?

~We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal at any time, for any reason~

Choose your rabbit

Available rabbits are listed on the sales page HERE

If there aren't any on the page, please contact me, as I may have a new litter, not yet listed. 

To start the process, select your animal and pay for him/her on the following screen. 

This payment is a HOLD DEPOSIT not the full amount, the full amount is listed in the description of the bunny. I will contact by email or text message to complete the transaction and arrange your choice of shipping/delivery/pickup.

Please see my shipping policy to review shipping/delivery/pickup options and rates.


We will hold rabbits after they are weaned (at 8 weeks of age)  for up to 2 weeks with a non-refundable deposit of $20. If you would like to reserve a baby the same non-refundable deposit of $20 is due at 6 weeks of age, then the remainder is due when you pick up or arrange delivery/shipment of your weaned kit.



 If WE cancel the sale 100% of your deposit will be returned.

If YOU cancel the sale, none of the deposit will be returned.

Shipping Policy

How does my bunny get to my home?

Shipping Policy

How does my bunny get to my home?


My shipping and delivery rates are:

PLEASE NOTE: ALL DELIVERY OPTIONS (except airline shipping) include a hands on, in person bunny check and short bunny training session and in person Q&A for my buyers. This is normally 30-60 minutes in length. Please select the FREE TRAINING session option at checkout so I make sure to schedule it in my itinerary for you. Not all customers desire this option, so I make it optional.

  1. Pick up from the breeders choice of location in Lee County -FREE
  2. Delivery in Lee County, Florida- FREE
  3. Delivery to Collier County, Florida (within 5 miles of I-75) - $10 plus cost of rabbit 
  4. Delivery to Charlotte County, Florida (within 5 miles of I-75)- $15 plus cost of rabbit
  5. Delivery to ANY rabbit show I am planning to attend is $10. You must meet me at the show or meet me along my route at the time I am coming through the area (If I am). I know my show schedule months in advance.
  6. Delivery elsewhere IN FLORIDA is $1.00 per mile ONE WAY from zip code 33913. To figure this out, in Google maps, enter your address and for the destination enter the zip code 33913.  Discounts on this fee are available IF I am going to be near that area for a rabbit show.

 Delivery Outside of Florida: 

This is done by airline to airline shipping. You will need to pick up your rabbit AT the airport. The costs are broken down as follows: 

  • Cost of Rabbit $75-$350 depending on rabbit (see individual listings HERE)
  • Cost of Airline approved shipping crate $130 for UP TO FOUR rabbits.
  • Cost of travel coop water bottle, coop cups, absorbent odor lock pads for urine $15 per rabbit
  • Cost of health certificate (not always needed, depends on airline) $100 per rabbit.
  • Cost of paperwork and handling, delivery to airport and coordinating  $50 
  • Cost of Airline Shipping Fee: $250-$350

So the cost for shipping is APPROXIMATELY as follows.... THIS includes $100 per rabbit for vet fees, if no vet certificate is needed, it will be cheaper.

1 Rabbit TOTAL: Cost of rabbit plus $545 for all shipping needs related fees ($445 if no vet certificate needed)

2 Rabbits TOTAL: Cost of rabbits PLUS $685 for a shipping related fees ($485 if no vet certificate needed)

3 rabbits TOTAL: Cost of rabbits PLUS $825 for all shipping related fees ($525 if no vet certificate needed)

4 rabbits total: Cost of rabbits PLUS $965 for all shipping related fees ($565 if no vet certificate needed)