When you purchase a bunny its important to give the bunny a general visual health check. This series will cover these important aspects.

You want to start at the teeth. Hold the bunny in the crook of your arm and gently pull back the lips so you can easily view the top and bottom teeth. The top teeth should lay over and in front of the bottom teeth.  They should be straight and even across. You should not see a gap, slant, curving or splintering of the teeth.  This photo shows nice bunny teeth.

Many people will tell you that needing to trim a bunnies teeth is normal. It is not. Bad teeth on a rabbit can easily be a death sentence, it is, generally a genetic defect and that animal should NOT be bred. 

To make sure your bunny does not develop an issue, make sure your bunny gets plenty of hay, or safe wooden chew toys. Pinecones are also awesome for bunny teeth and they LOVE them.